I am pleased to commend to you this Korean Grammar eBook authored by Five College Lecturer in Korean, Suk Massey who for over two decades has guided and facilitated the learning of Korean by students from Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Through her efforts, and those of colleagues who have joined her more recently, the Five College Korean program has grown to serve over 300 students each year in courses offered at Smith College, Mount Holyoke College and the University of Massachusetts Amherst. Professor Massey has taught primarily at Smith College, but she has also offered courses at the other two campuses on occasion.

The Five College Consortium has built strong collaborative programs for the teaching and learning of languages; shared initiatives in addition to those in Korean span Arabic, Hebrew, Italian, Japanese, and Russian as well as a Center for the Study of World Languages which coordinates offerings in 54 less commonly taught languages and dialects, among them Swahili, Hindi, Persian/Farsi, and the Levantine dialect of Arabic.

We are pleased to have provided support for this particular project of Professor Massey and hope it encourages more students to study Korean and to study Korean at greater depth.


Neal Broadus Abraham

Executive Director

Five Colleges, Incorporated

September 2017


Endorsement Copyright © by Suk Massey. All Rights Reserved.